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Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research condemned the ongoing aggression against the Gaza Strip, which targets civilians, including university students and members of administrative and teaching staff.
In a statement, the Ministry said that the occupation continued to kill, destroy and commit heinous crimes; In violation of all human and moral norms. We stress the need for urgent intervention by all free people in the world to put an end to this continuing aggression against the holy places and the Palestinian people.
The Ministry mourned all the martyrs of Palestine and the students who died due to the continuous aggression on the Gaza strip. the students are Shiayma Abo Alouf, a student from Al Azhar University. Warda Mohamed Aman, Tariq Ziad Abu Hamidan, both are from the University of Al-Esra’, Mohammad Al-Atashi from the University of Palestine, and Hadil Mohamed Aman from Al-Aqsa University. 
The Ministry added: "The occupation will not undermine the strength of our people through killing and destruction, the Palestinian people will continue to defend their land and their holy places, and the education in Palestine will give birth to generations who will continue to defend national principles until all legitimate rights are realized".